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The Lover's Vow

Calliope Drakos lives for love.

Literally. It's her job.

Even though she runs a successful matchmaking company, she's never found love for herself, something her family and best friend constantly nag her about. After one too many comments from her parents, she lets her temper get the better of her and she vows to never fall in love.

Unfortunately for her, the goddess Aphrodite doesn't like that very much.  

Enter the world of Greek oracle bloodlines, bored gods and goddesses, love, and a little bit of blackmail.

Filthy Virgin


What happens when you mix a virgin sex-phone operator and a man who likes to press boundaries? 

A lot of dirty talk and a few surprises.

*publish pending!*

Twice Loved

Two friends find a stranger near their house, beaten and left for dead. They take him into their home, and their hearts. 

Will the stranger's amnesia keep them from being together? Or will it be the memories that are bound to return?

*publish pending!*



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