The Fates' Vow

Our essence was stolen and foolishly given
Bestowed to mortals, now Oracles risen


We see your path, we hear your voices
But you must be careful in all your choices


Heed our words, you must beware
Of a promise made without care


For gods will hear and they’ll intervene
They have no cares for a mortal’s dream


If you wish to live the life we’ve spun
Keep your vows silent or that life’s done


To the gods who decide to interfere
We bind your powers, we make this clear:


A child of the Moirai you must watch over,
Guide, and prompt, until the vow has closure


The bond has a limit, your time will come due
A week for each Fate is given to you


If you fail and something goes wrong
If you can’t break or fulfill the bond


Your divinity lost, powerless you’ll be
On Earth you’ll live like the mortals you see


Weeks, years, centuries you’ll wait
Until you know better than to test Fate


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